Packing Supplies
Bubble wrap
Stretch wrap
Moving blankets
Moving pads
Packing paper
Packing tape
Tape dispenser
Matress covers
Edge corner protectors
Wrap, pack and seal

Moving kit 1 to 2 bedroom
Moving kit 2 to 3 bedroom
Moving kit 3 to 4 bedroom
Moving kit 4 to 5 bedroom
Moving kit 5 to 6 bedroom
Moving kit 6 to 7 bedroom
Moving kit 7 to 8 bedroom
Moving kit 8 to 9 bedroom
Office moving kit
college moving kit

About Payless Boxes
offers you all the best quality of moving boxes and moving supplies to protect your important belongings. Our qualified packing supplies were particularly created to hold all your important belongings and make the move safe to your new home.

We care about you, that is why we offer you not only the best prices, but the best quality of moving boxes and supplies to make you’re moving less stressful and economic. offers a whole variety of packing boxes to choose. Such as, 1 to 2 bedroom packing kit, 2 to 3 bedroom packing kits, 3 to 4 bedroom packing kits, 4 to 5 bedroom packing kits, 5 to 6 bedroom packing kits, 6 to 7 bedroom packing kits, 7 to 8 packing kits, 8 to 9 packing kits, office packing kits, and students’ kits . We also offer a variety of moving boxes for all different ocations such as, wardrobe boxes, medium moving boxes, large moving boxes, X-L moving boxes, kitchen boxes, frame boxes, and file boxes. not only offers a variety of packing boxes and moving boxes, but a variety of packing supplies. Such as, packing paper, matress covers, tape, dispenser, boy cutter, stretch, and bubble wrap. All these prodcuts would help you made your next moving easier for your convienence.


Moving Kits
1. Moving kit 1 to 2 bedroom
2. Moving kit 4 to 5 bedroom
3. college moving kit

1. Medium boxes
2. Wardrobe boxes
3. Large boxes

Packing Supplies
1. Bubble wrap
2. Stretch wrap
3. Moving blankets

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